In a Challenge

it's the beginning of 2015 a new year, a new challenge... not that the new year does not start off with a bag of challenges, from the new year resolution everyone burdens themselves with, or the mere fact new year opens up full of promises and expectations... This year I picked up a challenge put forth on the great wide web to produce one piece of work each day for the next thirty days. Now that's a crazy challenge for me to take on for so many clear reasons, 1. I work full time if seven days a week and in average 10 hour days aren't enough. I accepted to paint a lampshade for a fundraiser for the Gastonia Rotary Club literacy group due at the end of January. I also accepted a fun challenge to make a wearable piece out of condoms for a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood in Charlotte due in February. I am part of a gallery action where we have to produce one original piece every month to hang in the gallery. I also have to coordinate two recycled couture events other than our very own ecoFAB Trash Couture. So, taking on the 30 in 30 was a bit rich. Oh yes the best part, I don't really create small pieces of work. I have, and keep creating small "affordable" pieces, usually at the coaxing of others and though I really love my small pieces they don't fly off the shelf just because they are "affordable". 

So, my pieces are quite large, I usually am working on a handful of them at a time, though these pieces take me months to complete I am always completing one a week when the inspiration is crazy abundant. I so happen to be in one of my closing cycles of work. Lucky me. My 30 in 30 will at least see a couple of my large pieces completed.