Copacetic art products vs. not

What do I mean? What am I talking about? Well, I am frequently asked since my work is mostly done on salvaged wood or recycled canvasses, with recycled magazine paper is it by chance acid free paper? Do I use archival products that withstand the test of time or will my paintings be around for ever? My answer is I am sure my paintings will be around as long as everyone else. I use reputable paints and inks and markers, but I can't vouch for the papers I use in my coils. I actually don't even bother with factoring in that problem. There are too many variables to factor in to the longevity of my work. Natural disasters or unnatural disasters my work could be destroyed in a fire, a flood an earthquake. My work could be destroyed in a fight ... that has happened. My work could also not withstand the universal appreciation factor... the person who loves and buys my painting or sculpture might not share in the same passion as the rest of their family so that work will be sold at auction or donated off in the future. Worst case scenario I figure it would give work to the future art restaurateurs. So in my opinion you shouldn't worry so much about buying expensive archival materials if you can't afford it and go with letting your creativity soar, without worrying if you can afford to be creative.