I am stepping out of my traditional earth tone colors which I love and feel safe in because I also happen to love vibrant and bold colors like lime greens and turquoises but have always b been to scared to use them for they never really fit in my surroundings. Having walked the corporate path for a long time, you adopt the colors that fit that life, that responsibility, that 'code'. You wear toned down colors, you live in toned down cubicles and you don't act too colorful either. Those colors had no room in my life then. Interesting how color dictates who we really are and how we live. I was raised quite traditional in a strangely extremely progressive home which created this eclectic personality within me. I am seriously attracted to light and playful colors yet in me reigns the serious earth tones, browns, taupes, dark blues and blacks. The olive or mossy greens are what my hand reaches out for in my work but when I see a painting containing vibrant oranges and aquas, lime greens or purples I want to jump into that painting and stay there for a while, basking in the whimsy of those colors, playful and energizing unlike the traditional serious colors. So here I am trying really hard to pursue what my heart really wants, color, energy, vibrancy, life but it comes at a price, tormenting myself because it doesn't just happen, my work now takes months instead of weeks to be completed because I am stepping way outside my comfort. When done though, I am ecstatic with the result, it speaks to me more than my older pieces because it came with a price and this painting is now the one i want to climb into and bask in the light of it.